Contemporary to production of the first automobiles in the world and human need to use them, there became a demand to rent cars without driver in international markets. As a result in early 40s , some companies and organizations came into existence to act as car rental in order to comply need of buying cars for short period usage. As time went by, market of these companies extended and they established many branches all over the world even in Iran before Islamic revolution.

Parsian Hamrah as the first and main creator of modern car rental methods does it best so that by relying on its experiences and abilities rectify your car rental demands with and without driver daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

our goal is to provide services to our customers based on speed, accuracy and honesty.

Parsian Hamrah is the largest, securest and most credited car rental office in Iran with long-term experience and creator of modern methods as described below:
1. Renting cars without driver to personal users, private and governmental organizations in long and short periods.
2. Ceremonial services: renting classic and specific old cars and limousines, for ceremonies, vacations and transportation.
3. Renting different types of Van, Mini-bus, and Bus for transfers and vacations.
4. Guidance, support, maintenance, and preparation of needed cars for private and governmental organizations.